Project Highlight #8

Client: Wisconsin Fuel and Light (Electric Utilities)
Location: Upper Midwest
Duration: 12 months
Description: This project was owned and operated by an Electric Utility providing power to a fairly large community West of Chicago and near Lake Michigan.  The facility was a former coal gasification plant and later classified as a manufactured gas plant shut down in the late fifties.  Through site assessments and engineering evaluations, it was determined that the site had an existing coal tar contamination problem that had extended into an adjacent river.  Under the direction and guidance of EPA region # 5, a clean-up program was developed which would include the solidification/stabilization of the contaminated land based area as well as a large test area for solidifying/stabilizing the river bottom while working from barges without interruption to sea going vessels and their destinations. Approximately 75 thousand cubic yards of soil and river bottom was successfully treated using high powered and robust soil mixing equipment to inject a sophisticated reagent mixer into tight clays and saturated silts laden with numerous subsurface marine type obstructions.

Representative Client List – Electric Utilities

  • Duke Energy
  • Xcel Energy
  • Mirant
  • Wisconsin Fuel & Light (MGP)
  • Philadelphia Power
  • Florida Power and Light
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