Project Highlight #5

Project Name: Gurley Oil Superfund
Location: Arkansas
Duration: 6 Months
Description: This project involved the remediation of four surface impoundments containing approximately 20,000 cubic yards of acidic sludge from processing lubricating oil. The contaminants were to be neutralized, transported, and placed into an on-site landfill. Treatment activities were structured around preventing hazards to residents in the surrounding residential area due to possible SO2 emissions. One property line was within 25 feet of an impoundment. A specially designed shearing hydro-injector was utilized to suppress SO2 emissions while injecting lime and cement into the underlying sludge. Immediately upon injecting the cement, we excavated the treated material and placed it into the on-site landfill.


  • Bailey (Port Arthur, TX)
  • Chemical Control (Elizabeth, NJ)
  • Fredrick-Garland Road (Dayton, OH)
  • Geiger Oil (Charleston, SC)
  • McColl (Fullerton, CA)
  • Pester (El Dorado, KS)
  • Pioneer Oil (Sommerset, TX)
  • Stoller Chemical (Charleston, SC)
  • Tyson (King of Prussia, PA)
  • Sand Springs (Sand Springs, OK)
  • Caldwell Trucking (Caldwell, NJ)
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