Project Highlight #1

Client: Confidential (Chemical Manufacturer)
Location: Alabama
Duration: 12 months
Description: A large chemical manufacturer in Alabama constructed a new wastewater treatment facility for treating all wastewaters and storm waters prior to discharge. As part of the construction program, several lagoons used in the previous treatment system were closed. The lagoons contained varying amounts of VOC and SVOC impacted liquids, semi-solids and underlying clay liner material. The wastes were stabilized in situ and removed to an on-site RCRA landfill for disposal. The semisolids were stabilized with injectors that inject and mix the reagents with sludge or soil. To stabilize the clay, we first spread reagent across the surface of the clay, then blended the reagent into the clay using a modified rotary mixing device. The work included solidification/stabilization work in eight lagoons: 200,000 cubic yards of sludge and 120,000 cubic yards of soils and clay.

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